Volvo S90 Launch

Target Audience

VVIPs and Celebrities

Event Location

Mumbai, India

Integrated Solution

Haute Couture Fashion Show
Snow-cladded Forest Stage Design
Showstopper Car Launch
Turntable Unveil Sequence

A seamless merging of timeless couture and a legacy of quality. An auto launch that celebrated the finesse of design.

In the presence of over 1200 influential guests, Volvo launched its S90 sedan through a tryst with glamour, style and classic design. Couture designers Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla collaborated with Volvo to unveil their ‘Enchanted’ collection alongside the S90. Intuitively reflecting the ethos of Volvo in their signature balance between grandeur and elegance, the creations on the ramp personified luxury, comfort and excellence.

A look at Volvo S90’s haute couture launch
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