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70 EMG has one of most inspiring work environments where continuous learning and fun are a way of life.

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Why work at 70 EMG

The Best Minds in the industry

At 70 EMG, we have a great mix of industry veterans and passionate young blood. We’re tied together by a common love for events. It makes the most inspiring of all environments for any new employee.

Versatile work Portfolio

With the diversity of clients that we have in our work portfolio, there’s never a dull day at 70 EMG. At any given point, you could be juggling between an arts festival, a luxury car launch or a leading fashion event.

You define your own growth

At 70 EMG, your career progression is dependent on you. The opportunity you get here is based on the initiative you take and not the years of experience you come with. If you show the inclination, the sky is your limit.

You join a family

We are a very close-knit group of individuals. We always have each other’s back. Our founding members and core team have been with the company for more than a decade. We respect each other’s individuality, but we also stand by each other when the going gets rough.

Hello Challenges, Goodbye Routine

We love what we do and we do what we love. We’re not only adding value to the audience but also to ourselves. We look at each project from a fresh perspective and try and push our boundaries with every opportunity we get.

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Current Openings

The Job: Conceptualise and curate festivals and special events. Creating lifestyle and product experiences for different communities. Giving brands an opportunity to showcase their personality and a platform to tell stories to their varied audience groups.

Educational Qualification: Graduate/Diploma in Advertising, Mass Media, Communication Design or Digital Marketing.

Work Experience: 2 - 5 years

Location: Gurgaon/Mumbai

Expectations: A passion to create something new and switch the monotonous. Use insights and technology to push the creative threshold, steer brainstorms and create communication pieces that match the ever-changing experiential marketing environment.

The Job Responsibility:
● Ability to pitch and write concept presentations
● Ability to ensure clear and timely communication between the creative team and internal stakeholders (client servicing, production and Set design) working on the brief
● Add to the overall portfolio of the agency, measured by client satisfaction and pitch winning work
● Knowledge of digital marketing/Public Relations and ability to suggest the same for specific briefs. Proficient Communication skills, written and verbal

Desired Skills:
● Creativity
● Strategic Thinking
● Industry Knowledge

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The Job: Create brand experiences through spatial, set and event design. Ensuring that the design is in tandem with the concept and creates a memorable experience for the audience.

Educational Qualification: Bachelors/Masters in Design/Spatial Design /Retail Design

Work Experience: 3+ years of experience in the experiential marketing industry.

Location: Mumbai

Expectations: A passion to create spaces which are in sync with the client’s expectations. Be in sync with industry trends and incorporate those in the designs.

The Job Responsibility:
● Ability to visualize, design and sketch sets for corporate events, exhibition stalls, weddings, award shows, fashion shows, special events and 70 EMG intellectual properties
● Ability to come up with new ideas and concepts and new ways to approach set and design
● Should possess a thorough working knowledge and understanding of drawing programs such as Photoshop, Auto CAD, 3D and CorelDraw
● Ability to guide the set production team and ensure the execution is as per the design proposed
● Ability to brief and guide the CAD/ 3D team to translate sketches into proper renders

Desired Skills:
● Industry Knowledge: knowledge of new trends in the set design space, awareness of latest elements used in the set space across the globe.
● Design Thinking
● Visualisation

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The Job: To ensure smooth on ground planning and execution of events.

Educational Qualification: Graduate/Masters in Event Management

Work Experience: 7+ years of experience in the experiential marketing industry.

Location: Gurgaon/Mumbai

Expectations: To execute large scale events smoothly with a passion for pushing the boundaries with new technology and new vendor engagements.

The Job Responsibility:
● Budgeting for Corporate Events, 70 EMG Intellectual Properties, Weddings, Award Shows, Festivals and all other 70 EMG events
● Ensuring that the design, execution and production is taking place exactly as per the client specification
● New Vendor Engagements & Vendor Management. Awareness of latest inventory maintained by the vendors
● Knowledge of new technology in lights, sound, AV, etc. Awareness of latest elements used in production
● Manage large scale projects and ensuring that it is going as per plan, pre-empting issues that could arise and handling them on time
● Working smoothly with all internal departments to ensure successful execution of events

Desired Skills:
● Industry Knowledge
● Crisis Management
● Negotiation Skills

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The Job: To plan and execute world class weddings.

Educational Qualification: Graduate/Masters in Event Management

Work Experience: 7+ years of experience in the wedding industry.

Location: Mumbai

Expectations: To have a strong sense of aesthetic and eye for detail and ensure that the execution is flawless and beyond the clients expectations. To be well versed with world class trends and apply the same to the weddings.

The Job Responsibility:
● Possess an in depth understanding of the current on goings in the Indian and global wedding industry
● Be dynamic, passionate about the brand, exhibit leadership and have the ability to manage teams efficiently
● Lead & guide the team for effective brief taking, ideation, planning, detailing and facilitating the execution of all projects
● Have the ability to expand the client database and bring in new clients through networking and relationship building at a senior level
● Have strong presentation and budgeting skill
● A creative and structured approach to concept development and client servicing for weddings and special events
● Possess a keen aesthetic sense, an eye for detail
● Have a great networking ability and be able to do PR for, market and increase brand visibility for Seven Steps, especially on social media platforms

Desired Skills:
● Communication Skills: written and verbal
● Industry Knowledge
● Networking Skills

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