Range Rover Evoque Launch

Target Audience

Media & Influencers
Auto Enthusiasts

Event Location

Mumbai, India

Integrated Solution

Event Production
Venue Launch
F&B innovation
Design & Management

Land Rover Evoque launch highlighted a range of spaces conceptualized at the cusp of design and innovation created in the image of the car and the desirable destinations frequented by the target audience.

70 EMG conceptualised, designed, curated and produced the launch of the newest SUV by Land Rover in India. For this purpose, we launched a brand new venue at the Bayview Lawns, located at Mumbai’s Eastern Sea Front. 70 EMG crafted an experience for this launch that would marry the aspirations of the target audience for such a unique and design-oriented urban compact SUV and showcase the sensibilities that Evoque stood for. The event approach was derived from the brand’s global campaign “Live For The City”. Designed around the ideology of claiming the city, represented by new-age creative hubs leading the conversation of design, innovation and sustainability, the event experiences and the venue were representative of this contemporary lifestyle.

The guests had a glimpse into spaces that have been designed as sanctuaries – hubs of design and innovation –and highlighted the lifestyle chosen by the makers, social aspirers and drivers of change. These spaces were defined by people who through their art, work, and efforts have been regarded as the drivers of their respective spheres. One such community is St+art India Foundation who has been leading this innovation by highlighting urban sanctuaries in several parts the country.

Décor integration was extended from the CMYK based play of colours to accentuate the white and nautical theme of the venue and the Land Rover CI Guidelines. Translucent coloured glass created an interactive play of colours with all the elements displayed against the backdrop of the Arabian Sea.

The F&B experience was created as an extension of the theme – with innovators from the culinary scene who created special ice cream flavors for the event as well as unique food and dessert installations. The twin objective of audience engagement and social media amplification was achieved with installations combining the modernist, industrial and sophisticated look that subtly conveyed Land Rover sensibilities and a live demo of the cars on a driving course run by Land Rover instructors using a Twin Terrapod system.

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