MG Motor Pavilion – Auto Expo

Target Audience

Media & Influencers
Auto Expo – Audience/Enthusiasts at the Expo

Event Location

Greater Noida, India

Integrated Solution

Pavilion Design & Management
Entertainment & Artists
Interactive AV’s
Digital Engagements

The World of MG envisioned through a multi-level grand pavilion showcasing the quintessential British lineage.

MG Motor returned to its roots and wanted to showcase the quintessential British lineage associated with the brand at the Auto Expo 2020. We transformed the pavilion into the world of MG, designed and executed across a total area of 35,000 sq. ft. The pavilion displayed and facilitated MG’s past, present and future, from the iconic London street to their global Liverpool Football Club association and the next-gen i-SMART technology.

The pavilion had a mezzanine level and was divided into 3 sections. The brand’s British heritage, existing line-up available in India and global line-up scheduled to arrive in India formed the core components of display. Additionally, a section was dedicated to Electric Vehicles with a central installation consisting of a life-sized car made of glass with actual battery, motor and parts fitted into it, further programmed it with lights creating a flowing illusion. The installation demonstrated flow of energy in an electric vehicle. The sole purpose of this was to educate visitors and immerse them in the journey of MG.

Infusing heritage with technology, we enabled richer exciting experiences with digital sensory- driven activities. Avira, MG’s innovative virtual mascot, made the event more engaging and pleasurable for all visitors by answering questions via Hologram technology.

World of MG pavilion at Auto Expo 2020
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