Isuzu S-Cab and D-Max Commerical Vehicles Launch

Target Audience


Event Location

Mumbai, India

Integrated Solution

Point-of-view Shoot
Chroma Green Screen
Animation & Digital Graphics

A POV (point-of-view) video format that showcased a unique approach to virtual launches.

At the time of designing the launch of the Isuzu S-Cab and D-Max, the events and auto industry was sensing a certain repetitiveness with the virtual launch format. We moved away from typical pre-recorded, presentation-led virtual launches and conceptualised a distinct video template. The team adopted the POV format to allow viewers to get a first person’s view of the vehicles.

In the first phase of the conceptualisation, the bulk of the timeline went in storyboarding, scripting and conceiving the visual treatment, scenarios, chroma keying, and planning the digital assets. While in the post-production, the edit team used digital graphics and animation to bring alive the vehicle’s features. The result was a hugely successful launch campaign with massive interest in the product.

A professional host drove powerful conversation with an ensemble of noted guests that included Isuzu Motors India’s MD, Tsuguo Fukumura; Deputy MD, Ken Takashima; and company’s Manufacturing Head, Masahiko Watanabe. Leading with the narrative of ‘People of Isuzu’, the launch demonstrated S-Cab’s multiple features from the point of view of the Isuzu customers. From one of Isuzu’s earliest customers to one of company’s most skilful engineers, an ensemble of Isuzu’s most vocal advocates – aka ‘People of Isuzu’ – provided a glittering testimony of Isuzu’s superior capabilities to round off a successful launch.

Isuzu S-Cab & D-Max Launch
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